A quick update: my post on user experience (UX) and art & design school libraries is now up on the ARLIS/NA ADSL Division blog! Academic librarian readers, how are you involved in UX projects (if you're involved at all)? I'd like to explore more of the critical considerations with UX and library catalogs and websites and … Continue reading UX + ADSL


Jazz, comics, and crowdfunding

Keep an eye on The Comics Grid in the next few weeks for the forthcoming article Playing Together: Analyzing Jazz Improvisation to Improve the Multiframe, co-authored by Zach Powers and myself. For this special topics issue of the journal, we look to the works of Sonny Rollins and Joshua Redman to consider how comics page layouts, or the multiframe, might be informed by … Continue reading Jazz, comics, and crowdfunding

Comics forever and ever

I've been thinking about the issues related to webcomics/digital comics and preservation for a while now, everything from the cartoonist's personal archiving mechanisms to long-term issues with access and preservation. Traditional comics might start and end their "active" lives as print-based media, but what about everything else that doesn't fall within this (ever-narrowing) scope? In … Continue reading Comics forever and ever